If Una De Luna sounds chilly and haunting, it’s because the band originally formed to cut a track for an independent horror movie called “Carmilla’s Kiss.”

In fact, the deal was an even exchange of music for immortality.

“Our friend Angelo Bruni, who is a vampire, was the star of this flick,” says Peter Guellard. “He promised to drink our blood and give us eternal life if we gave them the song called ‘Dinner Du Jour’ for the opening sequence. We kept our end of the deal. But …”

Una De Luna united singer Marla Degenhardt (ex Cat Ballou and Electra Loves Daddy) with guitarist-keyboardist-producer Peter Guellard, who came to Pittsburgh from Poland in 1991 and fronted the local industrial band Mace, later touring nationally as keyboardist for the Electric Hellfire Club. He now works as a sound engineer at The Church Recording Studio in Overbrook.